Getting a doctor’s recommendation for medical pot varies depending on the state and city you live in. Many general practice doctors will not write recommendations for fear that they may lose their license, so it is nececissay to visit a doctor that specializes in marijuana . If you have a medical file that shows a history of a condition that is believed to be helped with medical marijuana it should be fairly easy to receive a medical marijuana card.

Patients are often given recommendations for depression, anxiety, sleep problems, cancer, pain and hundreds of less prevalent ailments.

If you are already being treated by a physician for this ailment you can ask your doctor to recommend a doctor in your city. It is worth a try to ask your doctor, but very often due to fear of losing their license, many doctors will not give a formal recommendation. This means as a sick person you are left to rely on the internet to find a medical marijuana.

To best protect yourself in the courts and to avoid being banned from medical cannabis cooperative, it is important to choose the doctor you seek your prescription for a medical marijuana card thoughtfully. If you are not careful you might visit a unethical doctor that may close up shop or not be relied upon to authorize your recommendation if you are every stopped by the police or if you are visiting a new dispensary and need to be verified. When deciding which doctor you will see, be sure to check into the verification process and to do some searches on reviews of their practice online. If the doctor has a bad reputation, it is best to avoid visiting this doctor to receive your card.

When you see the doctor you will be asked to bring any medical records you have that relate to the condition you are looking for a card for. The doctors office you visit will ask you to fill out normal paper work you fill out when going to normal doctors office. You will also be asked to bring your state ID to confirm that you are indeed a resident of the state you are seeking your recommendation in. When you see the doctor it is a pretty stress free consultation. The doctor supports why you are there so you will not need to beat around the bush. Just explain why you feel that a medical recommendation will help you with your ailment. If your medical history and reasoning checks out you will leave the office with a recommendation. Now, most medical marijuana doctors now preverify or only charge for the visit if you qualify.

With your medical marijuana card you will legally be able to grow or carry marijuana, laws differ depending on your state.


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