Just how To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Oregon

To acquire a Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon, you need to have a certifying medical problem, fill in and tender the proper records, pay the required cost and mail everything in.

Oregon residency is not a requirement to receive a medical marijuana card in that state. It is vital to recognize that a medical marijuana card only defends cardholders within the state it was issued unless an additional state legally recognizes Oregon’s medical marijuana cards.

Medical marijuana card petitioners must have a training medical condition to acquire the card. Training medical ailments for the medical marijuana card integrate one or even more of the following: cancer, glaucoma, HIV\/AIDS, cachexia, severe agony and\/or queasiness, seizures, muscle spasms, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or rocking due to Alzheimer’s disorder.

A Medical Physician or Specialist of Osteopathy, that is at the moment accredited to engage in medicine in Oregon should tender a signed Medical doctor’s Report concuring that “marijuana might abate the indicators or effects of the individual’s debilitating medical condition.” Doctor’s could not just fill in a prescribed for medical marijuana. Medical marijuana prescriptions are unlawful. In bonus, applicants should complete an Oregon Medical Marijuana Show application form.

An application expense is additionally demanded for your Oregon medical marijuana card. Applicants might send a checkup or money purchase for $ 200 payable to OMNP or DHS\/State of Oregon.

Application expenses are lessened petitioners who are on the Oregon Health and wellness Deal or who are on regular monthly food marks. Charges the above petitioners are $ 100 for a medical marijuana card. If you currently obtain regular monthly Supplemental Protection Income, your fee for an Oregon medical marijuana card will definitely be $ 20.

Applicants additionally should tender a clear, legible, legitimate, current copy of a UNITED STATE State or Federal released photography identification card that by having your first, last name and time of beginning.

If you are under 18 and are intrigued in a medical marijuana card, your parent or guardian or guardian need to complete the Oregon Medical Application Declaration of Person Responsible for a Minor type and full Aspect B of the Application as a primary caregiver.

All application types for youths who are interested in a medical marijuana card need to be notarized.

Mail all called for documents as well as your application cost for your medical marijuana card to:


Portland, OR 97293-0450

Remember that Oregon does not accept medical marijuana cards from further states that enter into the application.

Various states that even need medical marijuana cards are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont as well as Washington.

In the state of Oregon, medical marijuana card brochure holders might legally possess up to six mature cannabis plants, 18 immature seedlings, and 24 ounces of operational cannabis.


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